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76-6224 Ali'i Drive
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 96740

Living Stones Church, a church in Kona Hawaii, is a diverse group of individuals united by a common love for Jesus. Our goal is to become the kind of church described in the Bible: a culture of faith. 

Connect Groups

All new fall groups are here! 

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What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are small groups that meet once a week. They’re a place to share life and support each other through fellowship, study, and prayer. As a church, we want to be in real community, knowing what is going on in each other’s lives on an on-going basis. Life can be hard and it was never meant to be lived in isolation! Each connect group has its own focus and flavor, but all share the same goal of encouragement and strengthening one another in the love of Jesus.

How do they work?

All of our groups operate on the semester system to give you easy entry & exit points and the opportunity to explore different group options during the year. Fall connect groups run September-December, winter groups run January-March, and there is a short spring term April-May.  During the summer, we do mid-week church-wide events instead of small groups.

Choosing a Group

At the beginning of each semester, we’ll have information available on each of the groups and sign up opportunities both right here online, and at both church sites after every service. Plugging into a group is easy- just sign up & go! Feel free to try out different groups for the first few weeks and find one that you like.  


life works

A Group for Young Adults

Leaders: Andrew & Jane West

Wednesday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Hualalai Road

Starts September 21

"All In"

Leaders: Kent & Cathy Shanafelt

Thursday nights, 6:30pM // Keauhou mauka

Starts: September 22 

The gospel costs nothing, but it demands everything. It's all or nothing! Many of us believe we are following Jesus, but in reality we've mistakenly invited Jesus to follow us. The challenge is to go all in by fully surrendering the entirety of our lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ. That is when the true adventure begins!


Leaders: Ron & Candy Hallett

Wednesday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Kona Vistas

Starts September 21


Leaders: Robb & Karen Boss, John & Vicky Borg

Wednesday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Komohana Neighborhood, Starts: September 21, Childcare Provided


Leaders: Barry & Elna Coetzee


Komohana Neighborhood, Starts: September 21


Leaders: Tim & TaunyaRae Hicks

Thursday NIGHTS, 5:30PM

Upper Lako, Starts: September 22


Leader: Linda Vandervoort

Monday nights, 6:30PM

Kailua View Estates, Starts: September 19

Living with discernment in the end times: 1 & 2 Peter

A Group for Women

Leader: Lynn Tomsha

Wednesday MORNINGS, 10AM-12pm // Ali'i Drive CHURCH

Starts: September 21 // Material Cost: $10 // Childcare Provided

Do sorrow and suffering make your life seem unfair? How can you keep the faith? What do you know about false teachers, ungodly men, and mockers? Find out what you need to know for the day in which you live from the books of Peter that will encourage and enable you to live with discernment in the end times. 

Writer's group

Leader: Ruth Arthurs

Sunday afternoons, 3:30PM-5:30pm

Ali'i Drive Nursery, Starts: September 18

Romans 12 online Study

A Group for Women

Leader: Natausha Lusk

If you used to attend Living Stones and moved away or are traveling, this is a great way for you to reconnect with your church family! I'd love to have you join us on our Facebook Study Group and please invite any of your girlfriends that might be interested.

I also want to STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for a "real" connect group at LSC or your home church! We were created to do life together, in community not just online so be sure you're connecting.

rise up HIGH school GROUP

Leader: Maclain Boss


Pine Trees Church, Grade 9-12

LITE Junior high group

Leader: Robb Boss

Tuesday nights, 6:00pm

Ali'i Drive Church, Grades 6-8


Leaders: Link & Deanna Vaughn

Thursday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Pine Trees Church

Starts September 29


Leaders: Rich & Vickie Potter


Ali'i Heights

Starts September 21


Leaders: John & Sonja Randerson

Tuesday NIGHTs, 6:30pm

Upper Lako Neighborhood

Starts September 20


Leaders: Greg & Joy Huffman

monday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Keauhou Mauka, Starts: September 19


Leaders: Dave & Joyce Heinz, David Sinnott

Wednesday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Kona Palisades, Starts: September 21


Leaders: Don & Karen Ellison, Gail Cropley

Tuesday NIGHTS, 6:30PM

Ali'i Cove Condos, Starts: September 20

Romans 12

Leader: Arron Biber

Thursday nights, 6:30pm

Magic Sands Area

Romans 12

Married Couples Group

Leaders: Bryan & Tara Riley

Sunday nights, 6:30pM // Kona Palisades

Starts: September 25 

Romans 12

A Group for Women

Leader: Natausha Lusk

MONDAY Mornings, 10:00am-11:30am

Seaview Circle Area

The Story of Marriage

Leaders: Dawn & John Johansen


Hualalai Condos, Starts: September 19

Running revelations

A Group for Women

Leader: Cedes Hardie

Tuesday MORNINGS, 9AM // location varies

Starts: September 20 

We will begin our time in prayer and devotion, head out on our walk/run, and individually pray for revelation and over the area/people we will be running through. Then we will come back and share what God has revealed to us or directed us to do. 

Finding hope when life seems dark

A Group for Women

Leader: Wendy Diggle

Friday mornings, 10aM // PINE TREES CHURCH

Starts: September 23 // Material Cost: $12

With this study of five of the minor prophets - Hosea, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah - you'll discover the light of God's truth shining in even the darkest circumstances. The book of Hosea is 7 weeks and then we will continue with Micah. If you can come just for Hosea, or perhaps after Hosea, please join us as your schedule allows. 


Leaders: John & Helen Cole, Lynn Tomsha

Monday NIGHTS, 6:30Pm // Pine Trees Church

Starts: September 19 // Material Cost: $20

The purpose of this class is to activate the New Testament gift of prophecy for the purpose of ministering to others. We will be going through videos and materials from Bethel Church's School of Supernatural Ministry. Recommended Prerequisite: Alpha Course

Prophecy Ministry Training Pt 2

Leaders: Melody Stone, John Cole

Thursday nights, 6:30pm

Kona Palisades

Starts September 22